How to manage multiple Pinterest accounts by using Lalicat virtual browser?

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Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service designed to enable to save and discovery of information on the internet using images, and on a smaller scale, animated GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. Pinterest has 433 million monthly active users, so some users and companies use Pinterest to market online. But one account is not enough for SMM marketers, so they need to create multiple accounts. People can create multiple accounts by using email addresses or logging in directly via Facebook or Google. At the time, you need to consider the association of multiple accounts and how to manage multiple accounts easily.

Lalicat Virtual Browser

Lalicat antidetect browser is a great tool for you to manage multiple Pinterest accounts, and it can create multiple browser profiles that are completely physically isolated. One account uses one browser so that multiple accounts on the same platform will not detect association, which also reduces the risk of the account being disabled.

The principle of Lalicat antidetect browser

Through comprehensive fingerprint modification, Lalicat antidetect browser resets each parameter that can be used to determine the identity of the user, so as to realize the camouflage of the browser fingerprint, so that the user can obtain a brand-new browser environment. Because the physical data isolation is realized by modifying the underlying code of the Chromium kernel, it can effectively prevent the exposure of the user's real fingerprint. It can create virtual browser environments by modifying the fingerprint information, so the platform cannot detect our real information.

Lalicat's working principle is not to directly refuse the website to track and collect our fingerprints, but to provide us with a new browser environment by creating a new profile, so that we will have a set of false fingerprints to deal with website detection. At the same time, Lalicat antidetect browser will encrypt and isolate our real fingerprint data to avoid some websites with high-risk control levels from obtaining our real browser fingerprint.

When we want to log in to the same website or platform many times and don't want to be found that the same person is operating, we can log in with multiple profiles of Lalicat. In this way, the website will think that different people and devices are operating, and we can log in with multiple accounts at the same time. So you can manage multiple Pinterest accounts at the same time on one computer. So conveniently!

Browser fingerprints


(1) User-Agent
User-agent is a native short string of a browser. By reading this string, the website can identify the browser and the version of the operating system.
(2) Canvas
Canvas is suitable for canvas to create different portraits. The browsers created by each computer are slightly different. After all, the devices related to the browser, motherboard, graphics card, and some hardware and software are different, so the created portraits are different.
(3) WebRTC
WebRTC can obtain your real IP address, uses the new protocol Stun and proxy HTTP protocol, so it has no practical relationship with Stun protocol, and stun is not displayed on Google console, so it is easy to be ignored.
(4) Time Zone
Time zone is the local time zone information.
(5) Font
Font, by defining all the fonts of the computer, a fingerprint is generated. The width of different fonts is different. This is a CSS font. The difference is determined by comparing the differences.
The resolution includes not only the size of the screen, but also the color depth (for example, whether your screen is 16-bit color, 24-bit color, or 32-bit color).
(7) Language and Accept-Language
Language is the language displayed on the browser interface. If you enter en-GB, the browser displays British English font.
Accept-language is an attribute in the HTTP request, which is used to tell the server what language the browser can support. If the website supports multilingualism, you can use this information to decide what language pages to return to.
(8) AudioContext
The same browser on the same machine produces the same audio output, and the audio output produced by different machines or different browsers will be different.
(9) WebGL
WebGL is commonly known as hardware graphics card type and Lalicat virtual browser provides graphics card chip fingerprints for multiple platforms and brands.
(10) Geolocation (Latitude and Longitude)
(11) Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS)
(12) Bluetooth
(13) Computer Name and Mac Address, etc.

The-third party proxy

Besides modifying browser fingerprints, you also need proxy software to get different IPs. Such as 911 S5 proxy, Netnut proxy, Smartproxy, YiLu proxy, and Bright Data( Luminati) proxy, etc. You can the tutorials from our support documents.

Lalicat's plans price

You can choose the plan according to the number of your accounts.

Lalicat antidetect browser software offers a 3-day free trial for new users, contact us!

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