How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Tue Jan 18 2022admin

If you want to be a qualified Amazon seller, you must first run your own store, which is one third of an acre. What about being a good Amazon seller? Multi account operation must be essential. As soon as there are more accounts, there will be more problems. The most serious problem is account anti association.

Why is there a penalty for Amazon account association?

Account association is not a very special case. It exists in almost all platforms that can register multiple accounts. But why do Amazon sellers have such a headache when they see the account association?
This is mainly because it has little or no impact on other platforms, such as domestic microblog and xiaohongshu. For Amazon, registering multiple accounts by sellers does more harm than good to the platform. Because this may cause the loss of real buyers and users, you know, Amazon has many competitive platforms.
Therefore, Amazon's review of associated accounts is very strict.

How to prevent account association?

(1) Basic work: File reuse
It's best to use different email templates, whether it's for registration or for replying to customers. These files don't seem to matter, but they are crucial for anti Association.

(2) Key work: Browser fingerprints should be different
This step is a key step to prevent account Association. If you log in different accounts on the same browser fingerprint (i.e. the same browser), these accounts will be associated. To avoid this problem, you can use Lalicat anti association browser.
The Lalicat anti Association browser can create multiple browser files with different fingerprints, and only one fixed account is logged in to each browser, so as to prevent the account from being associated because the browser fingerprints are the same.

(3) Detailed work: operation habits
When operating these accounts, pay attention to the operation details. If it is necessary to conduct evaluation for the maintenance number, pay attention to batch operation, and do not conduct a large number of evaluation in a short time. Otherwise, it is easy to cause account association.

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