How should cross-border e-commerce prevent account association?

Sat Apr 16 2022admin

With the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet has become a necessity for everyone's daily life, and the Internet business is becoming more and more popular. The cross-border e-commerce industry is an example. With the entry of major platform sellers, the cross-border e-commerce industry is developing rapidly, and many sellers are making money. However, with the increase in the number of sellers, major platforms are gradually refining and improving the rules of the platform. For example, the platform is no longer allowed to operate with multiple accounts. In order to deal with the increasingly strict platform rules, e-commerce browsers came into being.

What is cross-border e-commerce browser?
E-commerce browser
is also called fingerprint browser, anti-detect browser, anti-association browser, etc. because cross-border e-commerce business involves IP and other issues, ordinary browsers cannot do so, so the e-commerce browser specially developed for cross-border e-commerce users can carry out business. Domestic users mostly use Lalicat e-commerce browser.

Why is Lalicat e-commerce browser so helpful?
Because Lalicat e-commerce antidetect browser not only supports proxy IP, but also allows users to customize and edit browser fingerprints, which solves a lot of cumbersome things for e-commerce business. Lalicat e-commerce browser also supports team collaboration function. It can create sub accounts. Both main and child accounts can create browser profiles independently. The profiles can also be uploaded to the cloud, which is not limited by the platform. Lalicat e-commerce browser is a great benefit for cross-border e-commerce teams.

What businesses are cross-border e-commerce browsers applicable to?
In addition to solving the problems of cross-border e-commerce platforms, social media marketing and advertising, which need to manage multiple accounts are also applicable.

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