How to manage that multiple Amazon seller accounts are not associated?

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What is account association?

Before knowing what multiple account operations are, we need to know what account associations are.

At present, most e-commerce platforms prohibit sellers from selling the same product in order to protect the shopping experience of buyers. Therefore, most e-commerce platforms only allow one person, or a company to have only one account. E-commerce platforms will match relevant factors through technical means and various data detection. If it is detected that some accounts are operated by the same person, they will be regarded as associated and your associated accounts will be forcibly banned.

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How to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts?

When you have multiple Amazon seller accounts, are you still worried about how to improve efficiency? Here are some tips for managing multiple Amazon seller accounts.

1) Use multiple computers/browsers

This is a very traditional practice. It is very effective, but it is also very troublesome. There is no doubt that when you have hundreds of computers, each with an account, it will solve the problem that you cannot manage them at the same time.

But do you really have so much space and money to buy so many computers? Maybe this method is only suitable for people who have two Amazon seller accounts.

2) Using plug-ins

Using plug-ins for account management is another way to try. When you search for the keyword "account", many browser stores offer solutions. But the plug-in is a program, which is not suitable for large-scale and large-scale use.

3) Using a virtual browser

The virtual browser may be the answer. Virtual browsers use virtual technology to create thousands of unique computers for Amazon sellers. It can not only save you the cost of owning multiple computers at the same time, but also provide you with other services.

These services are related to the security of Amazon seller accounts. Many people with multiple Amazon seller accounts don't know why they are banned, or even banned from using several stores at a time. Your account may have been associated. There are great products in the virtual browser that can solve this problem for you.

How to prevent multiple Amazon seller accounts from being banned?

Why are multiple Amazon seller accounts banned?

Your multiple Amazon seller accounts have been banned because they are associated. Amazon took a hit after it discovered that the stores were owned by the same person. So when you open multiple seller accounts, in addition to the different registration information mentioned above, you should also follow the following practices:

Use different and clean IP addresses

Different IP addresses deny that the store is owned by the same person, which can keep you away from account associations. At the same time, it is best to purchase a dedicated clean IP address to prevent illegal operations before using this IP address, which will implicate you.

Use different management modes

When publishing product information, do not use the same image for each account. Make your products as diverse as possible and use different shipping addresses.

Use fixed equipment, no overlap between accounts

Try to fix each account on a separate device for operation. The cross login of the account will also be associated.

What are the benefits of multi-account operation?

In fact, no matter how much preparation you have done before opening the store and how much information you have read, you will encounter many problems in actual operation, such as product selection, listing, and many bad comments on your store. If there is only one account, it will be more difficult to handle, but if you prepare two accounts, you can save time and master the rules of the platform faster.

(1) Diversify operational risk

In the official operation of the account, there will definitely be a problem that the remaining inventory cannot be shipped due to delayed delivery. At this point, ready stock can be shipped directly from other stores. Also solved a lot of trouble.

(2) More exposure

If a store wants to do well, it must first have more display opportunities, which is commonly known as exposure. If you want to occupy more markets, you can upload similar products from different accounts and brands. For example, if a web page has 30 links, 20 of which are yours, then the probability of being purchased will be very high.

Best virtual browser to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts

As an excellent virtual browser, Lalicat has helped e-commerce sellers avoid account association!

Lalicat virtual browser provides Amazon sellers with many browser fingerprints and supports many proxy IP, so that you can safely log in to all accounts without interference. At the same time, the powerful team sharing and transferring profiles function also supports multi-person synchronous operation, which is the best choice for your teamwork.

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