How to prevent Wish seller multiple accounts from being associated?

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Some sellers may have experience in operating Wish stores and have heard of Wish multi-account anti-association. So what exactly is Wish multi-account anti-association? What should I do about it?

Wish multi-account anti-association refers to the situation where multiple stores on the Wish platform are running at the same time to prevent the association between stores. Like other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopee, Wish does not support the opening of multiple stores for one seller.

But sellers have to do it again. The success chance of only running one store is too small. Only when running multiple stores in batches can be successful. Although it violates the rules of the platform, it is possible to find ways to avoid the platform from detecting multiple stores.

At this time, you can use an antidetect browser such as Lalicat to solve the association point from the root cause of IP and environment. Multiple account logins are very safe, and they are isolated from each other and will not produce any association.

What is an antidetect browser?

We need to know that the platforms only detect user's browser fingerprint to judge whether the account is associated. If we make good use of the browser fingerprint, can we achieve multi-account anti-association? The answer is right, but the browser fingerprint is still a bit complicated. How should we use it? The antidetect browser can do something that ordinary browsers cannot do, that is, modify the browser fingerprint to enable users to achieve the purpose of anti-association.

Lalicat antidetect browser is a virtual browser that puts user security first. Based on modifying the Chromium kernel, it generates multiple editable browser fingerprints. Lalicat has isolated users' real fingerprints, and then connect different proxy IP addresses. The platforms will think that these multiple accounts are all operated by different people, and anti-association is naturally achieved.

What is the browser fingerprint?

It can be used to judge whether the browser used by multiple visitors is all the data of the same browser, that is, browser fingerprint. Browser fingerprints can help websites identify visitors and expose users' privacy to a certain extent. Some websites will also judge whether multiple accounts are managed by the same person through the fingerprint information of the browser.

What information does the browser fingerprint include?


The reason why the server can recognize the operating system, CPU, browser brand, language and other information used by the user is because of the existence of UA.

(2) Plugins

Plugins and extension programs are different. What plugins are installed in the browser, websites and servers can be found.

(3) Time Zone

This is related to the location of the users who use the computer. Generally, it will be synchronized directly online. If you need to change the IP, remember to synchronize the time zone.


A field in the HTTP protocol header is also the information that must be obtained.

(5) Other information

For example, the font used by the browser, the version of the browser, history, etc.

What should we do for Wish multi-account anti-association?

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the registration materials. For example, if you use a set of information to register store A, then you must not use this set of information when registering store B. When changing a set of information to register a store, be sure to check whether the information in it is related, such as email, address, telephone, etc.

Then Wish multi-account anti-association should pay attention to the IP address that cannot be associated. For example, if you use an IP to log in to store A, you can no longer use this IP to log in to store B, otherwise, there will be an association. Then some friends may ask, what should I do with so many stores? I can't spend so much money going to the business hall to get so much broadband. This is not necessary, you can use Lalicat anti detect browser, built-in independent IP, to ensure that each store uses a clean IP when logging in, naturally, there will be no association.

Next, what should be noted in Wish multi-account anti-association is that the login device cannot be associated. For example, if you use a computer to log in to store A, you can no longer use this computer to log in to store B, otherwise, there will be an association. At this time, someone will ask again, what should I do with so many stores? I can't spend so much money to buy so many computers. In fact, it is not necessary, you can also use Lalicat antidetect browser to achieve the effect of multiple devices, built-in multiple environments, free choice, including operating system, language, fonts, browser cookies, etc. can be set, just like on different computers logging in to multiple stores will naturally not be associated.

The last point to be said about the multi-account anti-association of Wish is that the information of the products on the shelves cannot be related. For example, the pictures, titles, descriptions, and other information of the products must be different, and each store can try to be different so that there will be no association.

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