How to solve the problem of Facebook accounts entering security mode?

Sat Mar 12 2022admin

Facebook account maintenance has always been a pain point and difficulty for cross-border e-commerce sellers. If you want to achieve scale benefits, one account is definitely not enough. But if you log in to multiple Facebook accounts on the same computer, the account will be banned right away. I came to do business, but I was forced to become a professional accounts farmer. In fact, you haven't noticed the details of farming Facebook accounts! Do these details well. It's not impossible to open more accounts!

1. Preparation of number maintenance

Lalicat multilogin antidetect browser:

Facebook multi-account

2. Multiple registered Facebook accounts

Details should keep in mind for farming Facebook accounts

1. Open Lalicat multilogin browser, create different environments according to needs, cooperate with different IPs, and each environment + unique IP corresponds to an account.

2. For newly registered accounts, it's best to keep each account online for 8 hours or 6 hours (lasting for a week). If you maintain an account with Lalicat multilogin browser, don't use this browser for anything else.

3. One week after the new number, first add avatars and cover photos, and then start adding friends and groups. Be careful not to add too much at one time. If you are rejected by a large number of users in a short time, Facebook is likely to determine that your account quality is not high and there is a risk of being banned.

4. One week after registering a new account, don't log in and then log out quickly. Facebook will mistakenly judge that your account is at risk of theft and enter the safe mode. It's best to stay online for one hour after logging in.

5. At ordinary times, you can like it and send some simple mood posts. Pay attention not to send advertisements during the period of farming the account. Facebook may restrict you or ban you directly.

This kind of status lasts until the third week, you can expand the action slightly, but don't make too much action. On the 10th day of the new account, you can improve the information a little. Remember not to complete it all at once. Just improve one item every few days, such as improving the area today and the school and career tomorrow.

This method lasts for one month. After one month, unless you operate frequently or abnormally, your account will not be banned. At this time, you can put advertisements. But don't be too presumptuous. You can slowly increase the amount of advertising.

Such a real account is completed! As long as there is no illegal operation, there will basically be no accounts being banned risk!

How to solve the problem of Facebook accounts entering security mode?

There is a high probability of "entering the safe mode" and "uploading photos" during account maintenance. There are two possibilities for this situation: you have registered and operated; a random security mode of Facebook to prevent machine registration.

Don't worry when you meet the above situation. Follow the steps and it's easy to solve.

1. The photos prepared when Facebook registers an account come in handy. Select a photo and upload it.

2. After uploading, it will make you wait for the notice. You can wait on this page without being sure. You can also click OK to exit. After that, don't frequently check whether your account has been unlocked. Just check it every two days.

3. Don't delete the photos, save them and use them next time. There is a chance that they will enter the second security mode.

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