How to manage multiple Shopee seller accounts and won’t be associated?

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In recent years, it's not just Amazon sellers who have suffered, whose accounts are often banned for being associated. Even many stores on the Shopee e-commerce platform are plagued by store association issues. How to prevent multi-store and multi-account from being associated has become a problem that many cross-border e-commerce sellers have to face and urgently need to solve.

Shopee Multiple Accounts

What is account association?

Before knowing what multiple account operations are, we need to know what an account association is.

At present, most e-commerce platforms prohibit sellers from selling the same product in order to protect the shopping experience of buyers. Therefore, most e-commerce platforms only allow one person, or a company to have only one account. E-commerce platforms will match relevant factors through technical means and various data detection. If it is detected that some accounts are operated by the same person, they will be regarded as linked and your associated accounts will be forcibly banned.

Main Factors for Shopee Account Being Associated

At present, Shopee's e-commerce platform in the Southeast Asian market is favored by many sellers. Shopee is similar to other cross-border e-commerce platforms. In order to maintain fair market rules, a seller cannot have multiple stores and multiple accounts. The platform judges whether the seller has multiple accounts from the computer model, network, address, IP, etc., and judges whether the accounts are related.

Among the various correlation factors detected by Shopee, the IP issue is the most difficult and most relevant issue to solve. For the sake of security, you only need a computer, a network cable, and a store, and the computer is bound with an IP, and an IP is not used by multiple stores and will not be associated with an IP.

But this method is not suitable for multi-account practitioners with multiple accounts. For example, if you have hundreds of accounts, do you need to pull hundreds of network cables? The cost is too high, and it is cumbersome and impractical.

Best antidetect browser to manage multiple Shopee seller accounts
As an excellent antidetect browser, Lalicat has helped e-commerce sellers avoid account association!

Lalicat is a multi-account security operation management browser focusing on cross-border platforms such as Shopee, Amazon, eBay, etc. It adopts anti-fingerprint browser technology combined with fixed IP addresses to build an independent, safe, fast, and stable server environment for cross-border E-commerce sellers and provides multi-platform, multi-account management and operation solutions.

Lalicat anti detect browser provides Shopee sellers with many browser fingerprints and supports many proxy IP so that you can safely log in to all accounts without interference. At the same time, the powerful team sharing and transferring profiles function also supports multi-person synchronous operation, which is the best choice for your teamwork.

How does an anti-detect browser prevent associations?

The antidetect browser is software for cross-border seller services. Proxy IP + anti-association browser = n computers + n network cables = batch multi-store multi-account operation management.

First of all, you need to know what a browser fingerprint is. Browser fingerprint means that it does not require system fonts, screen resolutions, browser plug-ins, cookies, and other technologies, and can almost absolutely locate the user's browser-specific information, while the browser's privacy window mode Anonymity is also not achieved.

Creating a browser fingerprint profile in a browser is equivalent to setting up a separate virtual browser environment. Cache files such as cookies and local storage of each browser file are completely isolated, and information between browser configuration files will not be leaked.

Through the actual simulation of browser fingerprints, Lalicat can create a completely independent and secure physical environment, so that the multi-account operation of Shopee will not be associated.

When creating a browser profile with the Lalicat anti detect browser, users can set their own proxy IP information, or choose a user-agent from the hundreds of thousands of pre-configured proxies to disguise, suitable for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android, iOS.

Every profile has a unique IP and browser fingerprints, so the platform will think these multiple accounts belong to different users and operate on different devices.

Lalicat antidetect browser supports multiple people to manage operating accounts at the same time. As long as the main account assigns sub-accounts to other users, other users can manage and operate those accounts. Main-account can also set software usage rights for each sub-account, which can greatly improve the efficiency of teamwork.

Lalicat has a unique function - rotate the screen of the created browser on mobile operating systems, Android and IOS. So you can horizontal or vertical browser webpages like your mobile phone. The function other similar software don't have, so people who need this function, must choose Lalicat anti detect browser.

Now users can enjoy great discounts when purchasing plans, please consult customer service for details. If you don't know Lalicat, you can also contact customer service to get a 3-day free trial.

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