How to use virtual browser to market Shopify websites?

Tue May 10 2022admin

I believe the e-commerce sellers have found that the biggest disadvantage of Shopify websites is that there is too little traffic. Therefore, if you want to operate great Shopify websites, you must master several marketing methods.

What are the marketing methods of Shopify websites?

  • Advertise directly on Facebook
    Sellers carry out large-scale advertising on Facebook according to their target audience to attract the attention of the audience, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing for websites.
  • Batch register Shopify accounts
    By registering Shopify accounts in batch to obtain more natural flow, the marketing effect is natural, but it is also more difficult.
    If you want to register Shopify accounts in batches, it is not enough to prepare different registration information. You also need to use Lalicat antidetect browser to prevent the association of multiple accounts. Because Lalicat virtual browser can create multiple independent and stable login environments, it can ensure the security of account operation environment. In this way, even if the accounts are registered in batch, the platform will not find that these accounts are belong to one person.
  • Social media marketig
    Sellers first operating their own accounts on popular social software such as Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, and then marketing after they have some followers. However, this way requires a lot of energy, and only if the account is operated successfully can Shopify get good traffic.
  • Find internet celebrity to help market
    Different from the third point, this is mainly through finding the online celebrities of those social platforms, asking them to help promote, and then giving them commissions according to the promotion effect. These can not only save time, but also achieve good marketing effect.
  • Of course, if these methods are combined, the marketing effect will be better.

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