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Proxyium Free Web Proxy

Proxyium provides a free web proxy service that can help users unblock all websites and anyonmously browse websites. If you are looking for a method to protect your privacy online, using Proxyium web proxy and Lalicat antidetect browser can help you. Lalicat can camouflage different browser fingerprints and Proxyium offers different proxy IP, so any platforms can't detect your real information.

1. Create a new virtual browser in Lalicat client

Create a new virtual browser

2. Enter profile details

Including profile name, group, operating system, browser version, user-agent.

Here I set "proxyium.com" as the default homepage.

Then save the profile.

Enter profile details

3. Run the browser

Run the browser

4. Use Proxyium free web proxy

Select a proxy country, including Poland, US, India, Singapore, and others.

Enter a website URL, click “Go" to browser. Here I use "ipinfo.io" to check the IP address.

Use Proxyium free web proxy

Then the browser will enter the website using proxy.

Proxyium Check IP address

You can also enter youtube.com, google.com, and so on to anyonmously browse these websites using the free web proxy.

Proxyium Youtube
Proxyium Google

Another free web proxy - CroxyProxy

If you need to manage multiple accounts, or fast and safe proxy network, here are some paid proxy servers:

get free trial

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